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Fast Wireless Charger 3in1 Electric Alarm Clock LED Wireless Charging Pads Station Thermometer Adapter For Home Car Ornament

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    1. Telphone wireless charger (supports iOS, Android, Windows wireless charging )

    2. Date

    3. hour (12/24 hour switch)

    4. alarm clock (3 sets of alarm clocks)

    5. thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit)

    6. power saving mode (on / off)

    7.The phone itself has a wireless charging function that can be wirelessly charged using this product.

    Frequently Asked Questions: (Know Before You Buy)

    1. This product has no built-in battery and needs to be plugged in (micro USB) to connect to the power source. The product has only one memory button battery, which cannot supply power to the product. It can only maintain normal timing when the power is suddenly cut off.

    2. The phone cannot be charged? Under normal use, first determine whether the mobile phone has wireless charging function, and it cannot be used without this function. For the mobile phone model, you can check it online

    3. The time can’t always be displayed and kept on? You need to turn off the power saving mode, press the “down” button, it will display “onsd” or “–sd”; “onsd” means to turn on the power saving mode, “–sd” means to turn off the power saving mode, which is always bright

    4. How to cancel the set alarm? First press the corresponding alarm mode, and then press the “down” key, it will display “onA1” or “–A1”, and “–A1” will turn off the alarm.

    Note: Please confirm whether your mobile phone has wireless charging function before purchase. If the mobile phone does not have wireless charging function, it cannot be used.


    wireless charger, alarm clock, clock, Exclusive design

    Stylish look, simple but not simple.

    QI standard, charging is safer.

    Material: ABS

    Output: 5V 1A

    Input: 5V 1.5A

    Rated power: 5W

    Function: Alarm Clock, Time/Temperature Display

    Dimensions: 160x75x40mm

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